Constitutionality & Reliability

Constitutionality & Reliability

It is but natural for an ambitious lover of education to enquire before seeking admission in any Institution, College or University its Constitutionality, reliability besides employment opportunities. We clarify that all the Educational Boards and Universities are Autonomous Bodies and it is left to their discretion to allow or refuse admission to those coming form other Universities, Colleges or Institutions etc. Nevertheless they hold a certificate, Diploma or a Degree from a particular Board or Institution.

It is pertinent to note that the concept of Distance Education was originated in 19th Century in Germany and there after it was granted recognition by Russia in the world. Subsequently the idea of Open Universities flourished by Britishers during the year 1963 so as to provide an opportunity to persons who denied opportunities to further their education and to prospect their life successful.

Similarly Govt. of India laid emphasis on Open Universities and Distance Education through their New Education Policy 1986. Autonomous Bodies and Institution under a Govt. Registered Trust like ours are given special protection under the Constitution of India.

Our sincere aim is to provide education in various disciplines, for all with special concern for girls and Women, the rural youth, working men & Women, of Minorities B.C disabled /SC & ST, handicapped and other groups. It is highly helpful to working class, housewives and to those unreach for different causes.

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