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About GNU

Golkonda National Universe (GNU) was legally established by Super Educational Trust (Registered as 212/2001 by Govt. of A.P, India.)

In accordance with the National Education Policy (1986) of Govt. of India GNU aims to spread informal education on large scale from lower strata to all strata of the society.

GNU aims to propagate and develop Higher education in the field of Arts, Commerce, Management, Science & Technology and Health Sciences obtaining in India in general and in Telangana State. in particular by providing job-oriented and professional education to such of the students who are too busy in their daily schedules and those intending to obtain the required skills and technical knowledge to compete with the students possessing regular degree of statutory Institutions and those who are already in professional fields in unorganized private sectors lacking behind the required Technical & Professional Knowledge, skills and to gain better jobs in private sectors and for usage in daily life and at their place of work.

All the Programmes are designed by the experts of the related fields with English as Medium of Instructions. It has valuable Library containing Books, Journals and Magazines on all selected subjects and study material in respect of all the courses.

About GNU

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