Bridge Course System & Examination Fee Details

Bridge Course System & Examination Fee Details

Bridge Course are applicable to students who are not Completing the minimum qualifications in respect to Mathematics or Biology in 10 + 2 level or Graduation level. GNU provides Bridge Courses in the form of Certificate programs in Maths (CPM) for 6 months and Certificate Program in Biology (CPB) for 6 months.

The students should be enrolled under separate CPM / CPB Program and appear along with Year end Exam. It is compulsory to pass Bridge Course CPM / CPB Program in three chances otherwise Title / Diploma will not be awarded.

The Fee of Bridge Courses are Rs 850/- (including Exam Fee) per course.


For Preparatory Course and Bridge Course
Rs. 850/- per Exam

For Year end Exam
Rs. 1050/- per Year Examination

Backlog Fee
Rs. 250/- per paper

If any one is giving the complete Year as Backlog then he/she has to pay the normal Year Examination Fee.

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