Program Support Services

Program Support Services

1 MA
No Formal Education Required 2 Years PCA 4,500/- per year
2 M.Com. -do- 2 Years PCC 4,500/- per year
3 BA -do- 3 Years PCA 3,500/- per year
4 B.COM. -do- 3 Years PCC 3,500/- per year
5 BBA -do- 3 Years PCC 5,500/- per year
6 BCA -do- 3 Years CPM 6,500/- per year
7 B. Sc (Maths) -do- 3 Years CPM 4,500/- per year
8 B. Sc (MPC) -do- 3 Years CPM 4,500/- per year
9 B. Sc (BZC) -do- 3 Years CPB 4,500/- per year
10 B.Sc. (Psychology) -do- 3 Years CPB 4,500/- per year


At the time of admission in the above-mentioned courses under Open Education System, the student is required to clear a Preparatory Course relevant for the desired course. The Fee of Preparatory Courses are Rs. 850/- per course.

A Candidate should be 21 years of age on the last date of the fake rolex Enrollment of the Academic Session in case of Post Graduate Programs and 18 years of age in case of Under Graduate Programs.

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